Our Carbon Footprint

The Greenest Plastic in Town!

We create all our products out of 100% recycled plastic and are developing energy-efficient and off-grid recycling solutions. Creating products out of recycled plastic means a need for less virgin plastic which in itself should be offsetting carbon emissions, however, we do realize that we still have a significant carbon footprint.

Most of our machines consume electricity, we use water to wash our plastic, and we deliver our products using petrol-powered vehicles and occasional import machine parts and ship products overseas.

One of our club leaders, Vanshika, has spent the last 6 months attempting to calculate our carbon footprint and figuring out the most effective way to offset our emissions.

Counting carbon credits is a convoluted minefield and everyone has their own theory on the best way to offset emissions, but in short, it looks like we need to plant around 450 trees to offset our carbon emissions for 2019 – follow our journey as work towards making Plastiki Rafiki 101% carbon neutral!

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