Plastiki Rafiki Partnering with the Flipflopi Lake Victoria Expedition!

Yes, The Flipflopi Expedition that designed, built and sailed a 9 meter traditional Swahili Dhow made entirely from recycled plastic from Lamu to Zanzibar last year. This year they are taking their message upstream to the second largest freshwater lake in the world and the source of the Nile – Lake Victoria.

More on this exciting partnership coming soon…but in the meantime please take 5 minutes and sign the petition put forward by the Flipflopi team to end the use of single use plastics in East Africa.

They are collecting
to show politicians that people are ready to take a big step towards a cleaner and healthier planet! Find out more about the initiative and show your support through the following link. Thanks!

End Single Use Plastics in East Africa

We do not seek to ban all plastics. Instead, we envision a world without single-use plastics. We also see a world where plastic is produced and consumed responsibly, and where plastic is part of a circular economy - in which waste is eliminated and plastic (and all other materials) can be used and reused continuously.
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