Amazing Boat Projects We’ve Been a Part of

Amazing boats and amazing projects and we are very excited to be part of this history!

2008 – Junk Raft: A makeshift boat kept afloat by 15,000 recycled plastic water bottles that sailed from California to Hawai, raising awareness about plastic pollution and inspiring the launch of The 5 Gyres Institute.

2010 – The Plastiki: A 60-foot (18 m) catamaran made out of 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles and other recycled PET plastic and waste products sailed from California to Australia to raise awareness about global warming, ocean acidification and marine pollution. The craft was built using cradle to cradle design philosophies and features many renewable energy systems, including solar panels, wind and trailing propeller turbines, and bicycle generators.

2019 – The Flipflopi: A traditional swahili sailing dhow built using over ten tonnes of plastic waste and 30,000 repurposed flipflops that sailed from Kenya to Zanzibar and now getting ready to circumnavigate Lake Victoria, highlighting the problem of single use plastics and empowering communities to change behavior and see value in discarded plastic.

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