Transparent Plastic!

When you buy products from us we say that all our profit goes towards fulfilling our mission – “Cleaning up our local environment and empowering communities to earn a living through plastic recycling and creative product design” – so what does this actually look like?

During the 2019-20 academic year the money we received through grants and the sale for our products and machined was spent in the following way:

42.7 % Machine Development: We spent the bulk of our money last year on designing and developing and manufacturing new plastic recycling machines to make the recycling of plastic easier, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

20.9% Product Development: We design molds for unique products that we share for free with the Plastiki Rafiki Network.

18.2% Environmental Causes: We support environmental restoration and education initiatives around Kenya focussing on the locations of our “Collections” (Kenya Coast, Mt. Kenya, Karura Forest, Ngong Hills, etc…).

13.6% Clean up Initiates: We organize and support clean up and initiatives around Kenya, focussing on the locations of our “Collections” and Kenya’s protected areas.

4.5% Trainings and Workshops: We host on trainings and workshops on plastic recycling, machine use and maintenance, and product development on site and at our workshop at ISK.

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