Karura Forest Biofence

We recently constructed two bio-fences at key locations along the Ruaka river that runs along the northern boundary of Karura Forest. A Bio-fence acts as a barrier extending from one bank to another acting as a net to collect floating rubbish and make it easier for communities to collect and dispose of it properly. In the case of this project, KFS rangers will be removing the caught plastic, which will be collected by Taka Taka Solutions and Plastiki Rafiki to give it a second life.

Bio-fences, promoted by the World Economic Forum, have been successfully implemented in several Latin American countries helping them clean their rivers and preventing plastic from entering the ocean – our hope is to bring this super simple solution to Kenya and continue to develop and improve the design.

The fences in Karura are made out of discarded bottles and nets and held in place by Plastiki Rafiki carabiners and extruded plastic poles. Removing the plastic waste protects the riverine habitat within the forest as well as benefiting the wider communities and ecosystems downstream.

The project is a partnership between the Kenya Forestry Service, Friends of Karura Forest and Plastiki Rafiki, and if successful will be expanded to establish similar fences on the other rivers within the forest. Watch this space to find out more about this project and our work creating simple solutions to help tackle our massive plastic waste problem.

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