Experimenting with our tools!

Testing out our SLA printer to create accurate 3D molds of ancient stone tools, to be used with our injector to create scaled replicas out of 100% recycled plastic. These amazing 3D scans are available for free from africanfossil.org, a collaboration between the Turkana Basin Institute and Autodesk. As humans we have always developed tools to adapt to a changing world – at Plastiki Rafiki we aim to do our part to create tools and systems to move towards a circular economy in Kenya.
And in case you were wondering…this Proto-biface, belongs to the oldest Early Acheulean known so far in East Africa and in the world. The tool was most likely made by Homo Ergaster and It was made on a large flat cobble of phonolite…cutting edge technology, 1.76 million years ago!
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