Protecting turtles using recycled marine litter!

Check out this amazing project by Siana, a Plastiki Rafiki member and ISK STEM Pathways student, who spent much of last year volunteering with local turtle conservation organizations during ISK’s virtual learning period. Siana’s primary research focus was looking at ways to protect turtle nests and hatchlings. Amongst other innovations she designed foldable turtle markers and barriers using recycled plastic to protect turtle nests from humans and animals as well as help steer the baby turtles towards the ocean after they hatch.
Recycled HDPE is long lasting, UV and water resistant, does not attract insects, and is (unfortunately) readily and freely available on the beach…..making it an ideal material for these applications.
Her designs are currently being tested by the Diani Turtle Watch with whom she worked closely during the design process. The project is ongoing and we look forward iterating on the designs and transforming more marine litter in conservation tools – watch this space – a massive shout out to Siana and all her amazing work!
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