IC Trip Clean Up

Plastiki Rafiki environmental cleanups collected 1,850 kg of trash!

Using our latest product, the Taka Tongs, students in three recent student trips around Kenya picked up large amounts of trash. Two groups of students journeyed up Mt. Kenya, while another group traveled into the Masai Mara. Trash litters Mt. Kenya, waste dropped by uneducated hikers, turning the beautiful landscape into a wasteland. Together, all three groups collected 1,850 kg of trash! The clean-up initiatives are part of our regular activities which help clean-up our local environment and promote a culture of keeping our spaces clean and free of plastic. Plastiki Rafiki sorted the trash, took the plastic waste, and are now either using it for new products with all other rubbish being recycled by Taka Taka Solutions. We are so proud of our Lions!

What products do you think we should make out of the Mt. Kenya trash?

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