Beyond Plastic!

We recently built a Biopress Machine using open source designs from Precious Plastic with the goal to create rigid and strong biodegradable materials using food waste that could replace single…

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Kadich Paddles 2.0

Kadich (traditional Njemps hand propelled canoe made from balsa wood) hand paddles made out of 100% recycled plastic collected from shores of the lake Baringo. These floating ergonomic HDPE paddles…

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Happy World Oceans Day!

Plastiki Rafiki is proud to be featured on the UNEP website in celebration of World Ocean Day. World Oceans Day 2020 encourages ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’. With eight million…

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Support Kwale Plastics!

Please take some time to check out and support this worthwhile cause by one of our partners Kwale Plastics Plus Collectors to fight the consequences of Covid-19 and clean up our towns!…

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Turning Trash into Treasure!

Beach trash into beach games, forest litter into seedling crates, lakeside rubbish into fishing equipment and trailside garbage into backpacking kit. Clean up the environment and help us turn discarded…

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Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Sharing a message from the Flipflopi team - a message of hope - drumming up support for the fight against plastic pollution and working towards a…

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