Futbol Mas
Using football to teach vital life skills and build community
A vibrant community recycling plastic together

Mathare & Futbol Mas

Fútbol Más is a well established youth program based in Mathare and Kibera, that uses football as a medium for learning and developing resilience and life skills for young people between the ages of 6 and 20. Fútbol Más expects communities to run their sports programs autonomously through income generating activities after a period of 3-5 years. In the pursuit of program autonomy, they have set up a plastic recycling workshop with the help of Plastiki Rafiki in Mathare. 

A Community Initiative​

The workshop us housed in a room at Valley View Academy, a K-12 school in the heart of Mathare. In the quest to be self sustaining Plastiki Rafiki and Futbol Mas are working together with teachers and administration of the school, members of the community coordination, youth leaders, as well as local government officials to develop a business plan that works for this unique context. Housed in a school, similarly to the ISK workshop, the Mathare workshop also serves as an educational tool teachings students about the problem of plastic waste, and the importance of creating a circular economy. 

Presently, the Mathare workshop is organizing their own plastic collection and is manufacturing products using Plastiki Rafiki machines and molds which we are buying and selling onwards. We see this as a temporary step towards full autonomy and hope that within the coming year Plastiki Rafiki Mathare will be designing their own products and managing their own sales.

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