Hands on Training
Training in machine use, maintenance and product design
Working Together
A dynamic network of like minded organizations
Product Design
Help with product design and mold development


Support grassroots plastic recycling in Kenya by becoming a member of the Plastiki Rafiki Network! Join a network of organizations who are working together to build a more sustainable world by showing the value of discarded plastic. We are grateful for the support we have received from the open source recycling community as we have grown our business and the Plastiki Rafiki network is our effort to help other organization in Kenya succeed and innovate in this “space”. As a member of the Plastiki Rafiki Network you or your organization will receive the following benefits…

Member Benefits

Plans & Tutorials

Access to all machine construction and maintenance plans (Modified Precious Plastic Machines) and a database of ‘how to’ instructional videos.

Product Designs

Access to all Plastiki Rafiki Mold Designs (DXF & PDF Versions) allowing you to cut your own molds for all our products (there are 40+ unique pieces already in our collection which is continually growing. At cost pricing for any mold production.

Hands on Training

In-person hands-on training of how to use the machines. Including training on how to maintain them and best practices we have picked up over the years.

Promotion & Marketing

Promotion of your products through both our e-commerce website and other social media platforms around Kenya. Help with marketing.

Member obligations

By becoming a member of the Plastiki Rafiki Network, you (or your organization) agree to the following terms: 

  • Any promotional materials (eg: brochures, posters, videos, documents, etc) that you produce must mention that your are “part of the Plastiki Rafiki Network”. Product labels, tags, displays, etc…must also include the network logo or include text referencing the partnership. We ask that you also use the #plastikirafiki hashtag on any social media posts related to products created using our machines and molds.
  • Pay a monthly donation of 300ksh or a yearly payment of 3000ksh to support the program



Please contact us if you would like to become a Plastiki Rafiki Network Member or if you have any other questions regarding membership. If you are ready to join please download the form below and send it to info@plastikirafiki.com.

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