ISK Goes Carbon Neutral!

Plastiki Rafiki is a proud member of ISK’s Carbon Neutral Alliance. A network of student-led clubs and organizations advocating for environmental change within the school, with the goal of making ISK – Kenya’s first Carbon Neutral school!

Following a school-wide carbon audit, the alliance is extremely proud to announce that ISK has committed to offsetting all their 2021-22 Carbon emissions through the purchase of Carbon Credits from verified local organizations. While it is great to announce that we are officially Carbon Neutral, we see offsetting as a temporary measure and hope to gradually reduce the credits we buy every year as the school becomes more sustainable.

In commemoration of this achievement, Plastiki Rafiki students designed a custom bag tag / key chain that is made from 100% recycled discarded plastic collected during the 2022 High School Intercultural Trips. We are selling them for 800ksh each, with all proceeds going towards greening initiatives at the school.

To find out more about ISK’s Journey to becoming Carbon Neutral, please visit…/isk-carbon-neutral…/2022-2023
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